Warriors Owner Clarifies Decision to Extend Steve Kerr’s Contract During Challenging Season

The Golden State Warriors granted Steve Kerr a two-year extension worth $35 million this season, extending his tenure as head coach. Despite the team’s current position as the No. 10 seed in the West, Warriors owner Joe Lacob emphasized the value of this deal for the franchise, citing Kerr’s integral role in their four championship victories. Lacob highlighted Kerr’s decade-long commitment to the team, rare in today’s coaching landscape, and praised his contributions both on and off the court, expressing satisfaction in rewarding him for his exceptional performance.

The Warriors currently hold a 32-28 record for the season, demonstrating strong form since February despite Stephen Curry’s recent shooting struggles. Under Kerr’s leadership, the team has adapted well, making strategic changes such as moving Klay Thompson to the bench and providing increased opportunities for players like Jonathan Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski. While questions about Kerr’s suitability as a long-term coach post-dynasty era persist, his alignment with the team’s immediate future, particularly with Curry likely staying on board, solidifies his position as the right leader for at least the next two years.

When evaluating the most esteemed coaches in NBA history, Steve Kerr undoubtedly merits consideration. While he may not surpass icons like Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, or Pat Riley in stature, Kerr’s remarkable coaching tenure places him firmly in the conversation alongside these legendary figures.

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While Colin Cowherd has suggested the notion of Steve Kerr being regarded as a top-five coach in NBA history, such a claim may seem ambitious, particularly without considering other highly accomplished coaches like Rudy Tomjanovich. Nonetheless, Kerr undeniably holds a prominent position in the league’s coaching pantheon. The Warriors’ decision to extend Kerr’s tenure reflects the recognition of his invaluable contributions to the franchise, stemming from his decade-long service and numerous achievements. Whether further accolades await during Kerr’s tenure remains uncertain, but his profound impact on the Warriors necessitated acknowledgment and reward from the organization.





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