Stephen Curry discussed the Warriors’ tough loss against the Celtics

Throughout his NBA tenure, Stephen Curry, the standout guard for the Golden State Warriors, has been involved in numerous noteworthy moments. He holds the record for the most 3-pointers made in league history and was a key player on the team with the best regular season record ever.

However, this past weekend, Curry and the Warriors experienced a different kind of historical moment. During their game against the Boston Celtics, they suffered a significant defeat, marking one of the most one-sided matchups of the season.

The game resembled more of an exhibition than a competitive matchup, as the Celtics dominated with a final score of 140-88. This victory marked the Celtics’ third win of the season by a margin of at least 50 points, setting several NBA records in the process.

“After the game, Curry commented to reporters on the Celtics’ growth since the 2022 NBA Finals, noting their motivation and hunger. He acknowledged the importance of learning from past moments to improve. The 2022 victory by the Warriors altered the trajectory of both franchises. Golden State’s ownership has acknowledged challenges in planning for the future while remaining competitive. Meanwhile, the Celtics, despite maintaining a consistent core for years, struggled to achieve breakthrough success. Recognizing the need for change, general manager Brad Stevens orchestrated significant moves in the 2023 NBA offseason, bringing in Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis through trades.”

Boston’s dominance in the Eastern Conference has been remarkable, with a comfortable 7.5-game lead over the second-place Milwaukee Bucks. Given the difficulty of defeating them, the Warriors attempted a new strategy.

Their tactic involved leaving Jaylen Brown open for 3-point shots. Brown capitalized on this opportunity, leading a barrage of 3-pointers in the first quarter by making 5 out of 9 attempts. Overall, Boston made 10 of 16 from beyond the arc in the first quarter, accumulating 44 points and initiating the blowout.

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Reflecting on the unsuccessful strategy, Curry remarked, “When you have a creative idea and it doesn’t work, and you’re watching the opponent hit 10 threes in the first quarter, it’s reminiscent of what we used to do to teams. It’s quite demoralizing, especially when you’re playing on the road.”

Experiencing that demoralizing feeling is a new territory for Golden State. Throughout their Big 3 era, they were often the ones inflicting such feelings on their opponents. However, the landscape of the NBA is evolving. The Warriors are no longer the team that everyone is striving to surpass; instead, they find themselves chasing the current contenders.






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