Steve Kerr gave the Most Unfazed Response to Warriors 52-Point Loss

Describing the Golden State Warriors’ downfall in Sunday’s defeat to the Boston Celtics as an understatement of the NBA season would be an accurate assessment. The Warriors suffered a staggering 52-point loss on the road, trailing by 44 points at halftime, with Stephen Curry only playing 17 minutes. Despite the significant defeat, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr downplayed the outcome.

In his post-game remarks to reporters, Kerr showed little concern about the blowout, opting instead to acknowledge the Celtics’ impressive performance and swiftly shift focus to the next game. According to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews, Kerr expressed his attitude by saying, “Flush it down the toilet… Boston was amazing. We weren’t beating them today.”

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Kerr’s quote indeed captures the essence of the Celtics’ exceptional performance. Their impressive shooting percentages, with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum leading the charge, underscore their efficiency on the court. Despite the tough loss for the Warriors, their recent winning streaks have propelled them into contention in the Western Conference playoff race, highlighting their resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks.





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