Stephen Curry sees the Celtics as reminiscent of his Warriors

On Sunday, the Celtics made NBA history by achieving three victories with margins of 50 points or more in a single season. They previously defeated the Pacers 155-104 and the Nets 136-86, and their latest triumph over the Warriors with a score of 140-88 improved their league-leading record to 48-12.

The Celtics’ dominance against the Warriors was so overwhelming that Stephen Curry chose to sit out the entire second half with his team trailing by 44 points at halftime. This decision led Curry to draw parallels between Joe Mazzulla’s Celtics and his own dominant Warriors teams from 2015 to 2018, which often delivered similar commanding performances against opponents.

“They appear very confident in their identity and who they are,” Curry remarked regarding the Celtics. “When you’re making 10 three-pointers in the first quarter, that’s reminiscent of what we used to do to teams. It’s quite disheartening, especially when playing away.”

Regarding whether the Celtics were particularly motivated to avenge their loss in the 2022 NBA Finals, Curry noted that they’ve faced each other multiple times since then. “I’m not sure what they discussed in the locker room. We’ve played against them four times since then, so I imagine that storyline has become stale. But currently, they are the top team in the league.”

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To provide context, even the 2015-2018 Warriors teams never achieved three victories with a margin of 50-plus points in a single season. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the only other teams to accomplish this feat were the 1992-1993 Sacramento Kings and the 1978-1979 Milwaukee Bucks.

The Celtics are currently exhibiting near invincibility. Throughout their current 11-game winning streak, they’re dominating opponents by an average of 22 points. Their season-long point differential of 11.42 ranks as the fifth-best in NBA history, trailing only the 2016-17 Warriors (11.63), 1995-96 Bulls (12.24), 1970-71 Bucks (12.26), and 1971-72 Lakers (12.28).





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