What’s the deal with Draymond Green’s fascination with the Timberwolves?

Draymond Green expressed skepticism about the Minnesota Timberwolves during the NBA All-Star Game broadcast. While Karl-Anthony Towns scored 40 points (ultimately reaching 50), Green made a remark suggesting a lack of faith in the Timberwolves’ performance, comparing it to their past struggles: “This feels reminiscent of the old Minnesota days—KAT scores 40, yet they’re still down by 20.”

Draymond Green’s remark about the Minnesota Timberwolves during the NBA All-Star Game broadcast was indeed well-timed, but it appears his true sentiments about the team emerged later in the broadcast. Charles Barkley’s assertion that the Wolves would lose to the New Orleans Pelicans in a playoff series seemed to reveal Green’s genuine feelings about Minnesota.

Draymond Green expressed his opinion about the Minnesota Timberwolves, stating that he believes many teams would defeat them. He mentioned being only “sold” on Anthony Edwards and Kyle Anderson from the Timberwolves’ roster.

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Draymond Green’s skepticism towards the Minnesota Timberwolves might seem justified if the team falls short in the postseason. However, it contrasts with the praise given by other NBA stars, such as Pelicans guard C.J. McCollum and Lakers star Anthony Davis, who spoke highly of the Timberwolves’ talent during their All-Star Weekend media sessions.

Despite the Golden State Warriors’ 2-0 record against them this season, the Minnesota Timberwolves currently lead the Western Conference with a record of 39-16, holding a 1.5-game advantage over the second-place Oklahoma City Thunder. With just 27 games remaining in the regular season, the significant gap between the Timberwolves and the Warriors, who sit in 10th place in the West with a record of 27-26, makes it unlikely for the Warriors to bridge that distance.

It’s possible that Draymond Green’s tendency to criticize Minnesota stems from his ongoing feud with Rudy Gobert. Their conflict escalated in November when Green put Gobert in a headlock, resulting in a five-game suspension for Green. Gobert expressed empathy for Green in December, acknowledging his internal struggles and wishing for his well-being beyond basketball competition.





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