Stephen Curry reacts to Warriors trade deadline decision

The Golden State Warriors, who now sit 11th in the Western Conference, experienced a relatively quiet trade deadline. The Warriors changed nothing else, leaving their roster largely intact, although they did clear a place by moving Cory Joseph for a second round selection.

Steph Curry responded, “I was aware of the deadline after Golden State’s victory over the Indiana Pacers,” when questioned.

“The normal conversations of, ‘We’re thinking about this. There’s opportunity for that.’ But really, it was very quiet for the most part. Especially today.”

Curry continued by discussing Cory Joseph’s trade:

“Sucks losing Cory. If anybody knows Cory Joseph and his personality, his presence. He’s the ultimate professional. He brings just a great spirit in the locker room, helping the young guys. He’s been around, he knows how to play. That type of guy is a connector and we’re gonna miss him for sure. That was obviously a tough one. I understand the business of the game and the money and all that, but we’re gonna miss him for sure.”

Curry stated he is content with the Warriors’ current squad and isn’t very concerned about the prospect of a major deal, in light of the team choosing not to add any players.

Although they still have a lot to learn, the Warriors have recently been playing better.





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