Draymond Green discusses the Warriors’ trade offer for LeBron James from the Lakers.

During the NBA All-Star Weekend, more information surfaced regarding the highly-discussed LeBron James trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, a prominent player, clarified his stance on the trade talks. He openly stated that he opposed the idea of trading Jonathan Kuminga to acquire James, emphasizing that there were misconceptions about the proposed deal. Green stressed that neither Klay Thompson nor Kuminga were intended to be part of the trade discussions, contrary to what had been reported.

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It’s difficult to envision the Lakers entertaining a trade involving LeBron James without Kuminga or Klay Thompson included. In principle, Green’s statement holds true. A potential trade scenario for the Warriors, which includes Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody, Kevon Looney, and Gary Payton II for James, does align financially.

Indeed, it’s questionable whether the Lakers would seriously entertain such a package for trading away one of the greatest players of all time, particularly during the mid-season. Such a consideration would likely only arise if LeBron James communicated to the team his desire to leave Los Angeles.





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