Kevin Durant calls Stephen Curry the greatest point guard ever

The Golden State Warriors’ dramatic victory over the Phoenix Suns, along with Kevin Durant’s gushing praise for Stephen Curry, highlight Curry’s significant influence on the game of basketball. 

“Greatest ever at his position, top 5 ever.”

Durant couldn’t contain his admiration for Curry as he delivered a clutch effort that helped the Warriors win a game that mattered, calling him the “greatest ever at his position” and ranking him in the top five players of all time.

Durant’s appreciation for Curry’s skill stems from an indisputable reality. Curry is regarded as the greatest shooter of all time because of his extraordinary shooting ability, which has transformed the game. Curry’s impact goes beyond just his shooting prowess; his ability to improve his team’s performance and his impact on the style of play in the game have cemented his place among the league’s all-time greats.

Curry, who has led the Warriors with incredible poise and drive despite their difficulties this season, has continued to be a shining example of excellence, putting on incredible performances on a regular basis. Curry is 35 years old and yet shows off his undying talent on the floor, defying expectations and age.

Curry demands a great deal of respect and adoration from his peers, as evidenced by Durant’s acknowledgement of his greatness. Durant’s adoration for two-time MVP Curry was further cemented when he saw firsthand the influence of the player’s leadership and skill as a former colleague during their time together with the Warriors.

In addition to giving the Warriors a vital win over the Suns, Curry’s game-winning shot demonstrated his unmatched capacity to step up to the plate when things get tight. Future generations will recall Curry’s impact on the game as he continues to carve his place into the annals of basketball history.

Stephen Curry stands out as a remarkable talent whose influence reaches far beyond the basketball court in a league known for its superstars. With Durant’s overwhelming support, Curry’s standing as one of the greatest players of all time is validated, securing his place among the pantheon of basketball heroes.

Stephen Curry Is Rewriting His Legacy

Stephen Curry, who has long been admired for his exceptional shooting skills, is currently changing the story of his own clutch plays. Curry is demonstrating this season that, despite earlier beliefs that he lacked the coveted “clutch gene,” he is more than capable of producing at pivotal times.

Curry leads the NBA in clutch points (157), demonstrating his ability to step up when the chips are down. The numbers speak for themselves. With an astounding 51.6% shooting percentage from the field, an amazing 48.2% shooting percentage from beyond the arc, and an almost flawless 97.0% shooting percentage from the free-throw line, his clutch shooting numbers are nothing short of amazing. These stats demonstrate Curry’s exceptional talent as well as his poise and assurance when the game is close.

Curry’s play in crucial situations when his team is down is especially amazing. He shoots an incredible 70.0% from two-point range, 51.7% from three-point range, and an incredible 97.0% from the free-throw line in these situations. His numbers are nothing short of spectacular. These stats demonstrate Curry’s capacity to step up his play when his team most needs him, inspiring his colleagues and setting an exemplary example in the face of difficulty.

Curry’s development from a player who was once doubted in pivotal situations to one who flourishes under duress is evidence of his commitment, work ethic, and unshakeable faith in his skills. Curry’s constant excellence on the court has won him the respect and admiration of teammates, opponents, and fans alike, making him one of the most feared and respected players in the game.

Curry is authoring his own story with every clutch play, demonstrating that he is not just one of the best shooters of all time but also one of the most clutch players in the history of the game. Curry’s legacy as a basketball star will only grow as he breaks records and redefines what it means to be a clutch player. 






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