Warriors have stern request for Draymond Green upon return

Draymond Green’s return to the Golden State Warriors comes with a challenge, according to coach Steve Kerr. The team emphasizes the need for Green to refrain from engaging with officials, regardless of his feelings about calls on the court. Managing interactions with officials is a key focus for Green as he resumes his role with the team.

“It’s a big part of it,” said the Warriors coach. “We’ve talked about it. Can he walk that line? Can he still play with fire and energy, but leave the officials alone? That’s the challenge. It’s going to be a big challenge. But we’re going to ask him to do that.”

Draymond Green’s history of leading the NBA in technical fouls and his fiery play have been a double-edged sword, coinciding with the Warriors’ championship run.

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However, recent violent encounters on the court have prompted a need to address and temper Green’s historically intense on-court demeanor. The team appears focused on finding a balance that preserves his competitive spirit while mitigating potential issues arising from his passionate play.





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