Stephen Curry reveals conversation with upset Warriors star

The Golden State Warriors’ floodgates burst when Jonathan Kuminga confided in Shams Charania about his dissatisfaction with Steve Kerr. In spite of this, the team responded to the story with a victory last night and didn’t crumble. Steph Curry was also aware that he had a predicament to deal with.

Remarkably, Steph Curry’s immediate statement was that Kuminga’s sentiments weren’t incorrect. He did wish to point out that there is a better way to handle the circumstance, though.

“I’ve been there before,” Curry said. “He’s not wrong for being upset and pissed off, wanting to play. Probably should’ve played. Not probably. The ultimate challenge for anybody in this league is to not let the narrative be told for you… we all go through our challenges.”

In addition, Curry disclosed that he spoke with Kuminga about his grievances and was pleased with the way the player replied to the Detroit Pistons.

“There are ways to express it. Ways to voice your opinion but protect the team. I’m proud of the way he like, we talked about it before the game, go out and play, go hoop, be a professional, that’s what he did tonight.”

In the NBA, winning always finds a solution, regardless of the circumstances. Kuminga’s annoyance should subside if the Warriors can string together more victories.






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