Monta Ellis Gives Advice To Draymond Green After Indefinite Suspension

Monta Ellis offers advice to Draymond Green in light of his recent suspension, urging him to “be real with yourself.” Ellis suggests that Green needs to comprehend his significance to the team and organization, emphasizing the importance of separating personal considerations from the broader context. This advice implies self-awareness and reflection for Green during this challenging period.

Monta Ellis underscores the importance of Draymond Green’s personal accountability and self-reflection during challenging times. While acknowledging the support system provided by teammates like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Ellis emphasizes that Green’s journey to overcome mistakes and challenges requires internal introspection. The advice encourages Green to look within, hold himself accountable, and build a path to recovery.

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Absolutely, personal change and growth often begin with self-awareness and a genuine desire to improve. Draymond Green’s willingness to look within, acknowledge areas for improvement, and actively seek positive change will play a crucial role in his journey.

While external support is valuable, the initiative to evolve and better oneself is a deeply personal choice. Time will tell how Green navigates this period of reflection and whether it leads to positive transformations both on and off the court.





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