Stephen Curry reacts to Big changes for Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are still dedicated to the foundation of their dynasty, but they are also starting to admit that significant adjustments to their long-standing methods are now required. The biggest shift is a greater emphasis on young, which implies that certain veterans will have fewer roles.

In the final minutes of Golden State’s games against the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers, Andrew Wiggins was taken out of the starting lineup, and Klay Thompson was benched. In all cases, Steve Kerr made the decision based on who was playing better rather than who had a longer track record, favoring youth over the two seasoned veterans.

After Thursday night’s loss to Los Angeles, Steph Curry discussed this significant shift, saying:

“It’s just a realization that – again, you’ve been around this league long enough, you try to hold onto the fabric of how we do things with the group we’ve done it with for so long, and now you’re in a position where that’s threatened a little bit. And that’s okay. Acknowledge it, we have a lot of talented guys that are trying to find their way and increase their roles, and I have a lot of confidence in what this group can do. Until otherwise, that’s our challenge. But the deeper you get into this run – I think this year, these first 20 games have kinda signaled it might look a little different.”

Even though the Warriors are seeing a significant shift, Curry is welcoming it.






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