The Golden State Warriors Need To Sign This 9-Year NBA Veteran

The Golden State Warriors face an uphill battle with a slow start to the season, holding a 10-12 record and currently ranking as the 11th seed in the Western Conference. Defensive struggles have been a significant concern, allowing opponents to score 115.1 points per game (20th rank) and recording a mere 3.5 blocks per game (28th rank). As they face the Phoenix Suns, addressing defensive issues will be crucial for the Warriors to improve their overall performance and standings in the competitive Western Conference.

Signing Nerlens Noel could indeed bolster the Golden State Warriors’ defense. Noel, known for his shot-blocking and rim protection abilities, could provide valuable support in addressing the team’s defensive struggles. As a free agent, he remains available for teams to sign, and the Warriors could benefit from his presence, especially given their current challenges on the defensive end. Adding a rim protector like Noel might bring a positive impact to their overall team performance.

Nerlens Noel’s experience and defensive skills could indeed provide the Golden State Warriors with a valuable boost, especially on the defensive end. Given his career averages and versatility as a shot-blocker and rebounder, he could be an impactful addition, particularly in a role off the bench.

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Considering the potential low-risk nature of a veteran’s minimum contract, exploring the option of signing Noel seems like a strategic move for the Warriors to address their defensive needs.





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