Steve Kerr Reacts to Suns Trolling Him

Steve Kerr’s criticism of the Phoenix Suns’ in-arena music, describing it as “thumping techno club music” that hindered communication during the game, prompted a humorous response from the Suns’ DJ. The DJ remixed Kerr’s rant into the very music he was complaining about, adding a lighthearted touch to the situation. The playful response showcases the good-natured banter that can occur between teams and their respective staff members in the NBA.

Steve Kerr found humor in the Suns’ DJ playfully trolling him by remixing his rant about the in-arena music. Despite Kerr’s initial criticism, he acknowledged that the video was funny and appreciated the lighthearted response. As the Warriors prepared to face the Suns again, Kerr maintained a positive and humorous perspective on the situation.

As the Warriors prepare to face the Suns in Phoenix on Tuesday, there’s anticipation about whether the Suns will attempt to playfully troll Steve Kerr in person, perhaps by featuring the remix of his rant during the game. While Kerr has expressed his disapproval of the Suns’ in-arena music approach, he appears to take the trolling in good spirits.

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The NBA’s in-arena experience varies across different teams, and Kerr’s candid remarks add a touch of humor to the dynamics between teams and their respective game atmospheres.





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