Stephen Curry extends his incredible NBA record

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors broke the record for the most 30-point games by a point guard since the NBA/ABA merger with his 30-point performance against the Portland Trail Blazers, giving him 271 for his career. This information comes from Basketball Reference’s StatHead.

Since the NBA and ABA merged in 1976–1977, Curry has more 30-point games than any other point guard. In 30-point games at his position, Curry only lags behind renowned point guard Oscar Robertson when the NBA/ABA merger qualifier is removed. Although James Harden and Allen Iverson rank higher than Curry on this ranking, Basketball Reference lists them as shooting guards for the most of their careers.

Curry’s ability to shoot and score is a big part of his case for being the best point guard of all time. Curry and Magic Johnson both have achievements that the other does not, but their disparate play styles can make it difficult to decide which is more important.

Curry is the all-time best point guard in terms of scoring, as evidenced by this statistic. Curry, who is undoubtedly the best shooter of all time, outperforms Magic in these two aspects of the game. Nevertheless, some people think Magic is a better playmaker than any other player, especially when it comes to point guard play.

Even though Curry does not have as many assists as Magic does, his playmaking is significantly more significant. Curry defends the ball in a different way than any other player in NBA history, frequently drawing double team attention at mid-court, and his simple presence on the field opens up possibilities for his teammates.

Curry is unquestionably one of the greatest point guards in league history, regardless of who places him first or second all-time on their list.





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