Klay Thompson Fires Back At Charles Barkley Over Recent Comments: ‘He’s Been Hating On Us Since 2015’

After Charles Barkley took shots at the Golden State Warriors following their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Klay Thompson responded with frustration. Thompson questioned Barkley’s reluctance to give the team credit, emphasizing the difficulty of consistently contending for championships.

He highlighted the ongoing success of the Warriors and pointed out that the season is far from over, with 60 regular-season games remaining. Thompson expressed his lack of surprise at Barkley’s criticisms, noting the long history of negative comments dating back to 2015.

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Klay Thompson expressed frustration with Charles Barkley’s ongoing criticism of the Golden State Warriors. This reaction came after Barkley humorously praised ex-Warriors GM Bob Myers for “jumping off the Titanic before it sunk” and implied that some individuals in the organization might lose their jobs.

While acknowledging Barkley’s consistent lack of belief in the Warriors over the years, Thompson pointed out the franchise’s incredible achievements over the last decade. Despite the success, Barkley has been dismissive of the team. However, the sentiment is also conveyed that Thompson might not be too concerned about Barkley’s opinions, given the Warriors’ four championships and the relative insignificance of comments from a television personality, even a popular one like Barkley.

Klay Thompson has had a history of taking issue with Charles Barkley’s comments about him and the Golden State Warriors. Last season, Barkley remarked that Thompson and Draymond Green were not performing at a high level, prompting an emotional response from Thompson. He expressed hurt feelings, explaining the effort he had put into returning to the court after a lengthy injury hiatus.

Barkley later expressed disappointment that Thompson took the comments personally, maintaining his stance while expressing love for the Warriors guard. Thompson eventually regretted responding to Barkley’s criticism, bringing the saga to an end, at least for the time being. The back-and-forth highlights the personal impact comments from sports analysts can have on athletes, even those with significant accomplishments like Thompson.





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