Former GM Bob Myers Reveals How He Would Handle Draymond Green Amid Suspension

Former Warriors general manager Bob Myers shared how he would handle Draymond Green’s suspension, suggesting that after making a mistake in Game 10, he would set the expectation for no more such incidents. Myers emphasized the need to address the issue early, indicating that Green might agree with the approach.

The NBA suspended Green for five games without pay, citing his history of unsportsmanlike conduct as a factor in the length of the suspension. Managing Green’s behavior becomes crucial for the team’s success moving forward.

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Bob Myers, former Warriors GM, highlights that Draymond Green does listen and that the misconception about him not paying attention is inaccurate. Myers emphasized that if he felt Green wasn’t receptive, he wouldn’t invest his time. Despite Green’s ability to listen, he acknowledges that mistakes still happen.

The Warriors face a challenging season with a 6-7 record, and Green’s performance and behavior are crucial factors. Green’s recent contract extension underlines the team’s commitment to him, emphasizing the need for effective communication and improvement moving forward.






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