Teammates Struggling to Match Steph Curry’s Performance

Stephen Curry has consistently performed at an MVP level, but his teammates have struggled to contribute at their typical levels, according to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews. While Curry has recorded six 30-point games, the Warriors have only seen one 20-point performance from another player.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr acknowledged the need for additional scoring and playmaking elsewhere, stating, “No question, we need some scoring and some playmaking elsewhere.”

The team, currently on a three-game losing streak, is open to adjustments, as Curry emphasized, “Everything is on the table for us for adjustments. When you’ve lost three straight, you have to make adjustments.”

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Andrew Wiggins is striving to rediscover his offensive rhythm, having scored only six points in 25 minutes against Minnesota and not exceeding 17 points in any game this season. Wiggins recognizes the need to contribute in various aspects beyond scoring to secure his place in the lineup.

Klay Thompson, amid a shooting slump and averaging 16.1 points, his lowest since his rookie year, remains confident and resilient. Heading towards free agency, Thompson is determined to bounce back, emphasizing the importance of staying composed in challenging times.

The addition of 2022 second-round pick Gui Santos on a three-year contract holds financial advantages for the Warriors, particularly in terms of luxury-tax considerations. Santos, categorized as a “draft rookie,” comes with a lower minimum salary for luxury-tax purposes compared to a veteran on a minimum contract. This move allows the Warriors flexibility and potential financial savings in roster management.





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