Steve Kerr Admits Warriors’ Challenges Beyond Steph Curry

Steph Curry is maintaining an impressive average of 30.7 PPG this season, with Klay Thompson as the highest-scoring teammate at 16.1 PPG, despite a career-low three-point percentage. However, the concern extends beyond individual averages, as Curry’s teammates are struggling to generate offense independently.

In addressing the team’s challenges after Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr acknowledged the need for additional scoring and playmaking beyond Curry, stating, “No question, we need some scoring and some playmaking from elsewhere. We gotta keep plugging away and we’ll go from there and see where that takes us.”

While the Golden State Warriors faced roster challenges last season, both Thompson and Jordan Poole maintained averages of over 20 PPG, providing additional scoring options alongside Curry. Even Andrew Wiggins’ 17.1 PPG from last year would currently rank second on the team. While improvements can be expected from players like Wiggins and Thompson, there are valid concerns about the roster’s capability to contend for a championship.

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Steph Curry’s impact is undeniable, but assessing the current NBA landscape reveals that the Warriors’ production beyond their superstar point guard falls short of championship-caliber standards. Serious questions about the team’s overall viability for championship contention need to be addressed.





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