Draymond Green gets strange first ejection of the season

Officials reviewed Donovan Mitchell’s shove on Draymond Green for a potential flagrant foul, leading to Green’s ejection from the game.

During the third quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 118-110 victory against the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green made contact with Donovan Mitchell without any foul being called by the officials. Subsequently, Caris LeVert successfully executed a layup.

In response, Mitchell retaliated by shoving Green on the other end, leading to a confrontation and prompting a replay review. Surprisingly, the referees deemed Mitchell’s push a common foul without imposing further penalties.

However, Green received a technical, his second of the game, resulting in his first ejection of the season and marking his third technical foul. Despite the dismissal, Green displayed his typical enthusiastic demeanor, clapping and rallying the crowd, seemingly conveying, “I’m not mad!”

In the defeat, Green’s playing time was limited to just 17 minutes, while Mitchell contributed 21 points in 36 minutes. This marks the Warriors’ second consecutive home loss, with referee decisions playing a significant role in both games.

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To address the situation, a key adjustment would be avoiding unnecessary physical altercations. Continual incidents like these could jeopardize the team’s standing among title contenders.





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