Steve Kerr reveals exactly how Stephen Curry is underrated

People instantly think of Steph Curry’s three-point shooting when they think of him. They give no consideration to his defense, his off-ball movement, or his ability to finish near the basket. In fact, Curry’s other skills have grown so underappreciated.

This week, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr gave a media conference and discussed how he felt Steph Curry’s defense was underappreciated.

“I liked our defense down the stretch,” Kerr said after defeating the Pistons. “We got a bunch of stops. We couldn’t get a rebound. But Steph’s on-ball defense was fantastic. I think he’s so underrated on that end. Everybody tries to go at him for good reason to try to tire him out.”

The majority of people are quick to note that Steph Curry is intentionally targeted by players when they play defense. People seem to forget that during his career, Curry has averaged 1.6 thefts per game, with occasional seasons when that number reached two. Steve Kerr concurs that his swiping skills when guarding on the ball aren’t too poor.

“Steph is a really good defender,” Kerr said. “His on-ball defense down the stretch was one of the keys.”

Without a doubt, Steph Curry lacks size for a defender. His basketball intelligence more than makes up for his lack of bulk.






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