Draymond Green calls out refs over viral clip of him getting hit below the belt

If one were to look in from the outside looking in, Draymond Green has never been one to hide his sentiments about officials. When it comes to subjects about the Golden State Warriors, himself, or his teammates, he is brutally honest. Additionally, Green vented his annoyance on social media after taking a blow below the belt during Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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But first, here’s a glance at the video before Green posts. Jarrett Allen, the center for the Cavaliers, and he both went up for rebounds when the Cleveland big man seemed to kick Green between his legs by accident. The Warriors forward immediately collapsed to the ground in agony.

Green shared a picture of himself taking the kick on social media, captioning it with the phrase “The Draymond Green Rule is only a rule when Draymond Green is delivering… cool” and two emojis: a smiling face and a half-grinning emoji.

Green appeared to be alluding to the 2016 NBA Finals, in which LeBron James, the premier player for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time, was slapped below the belt and Green received a one-game suspension. While Green was presumably making light of Allen’s contact, it’s also plausible to presume that he was mocking the league’s 2016 ruling with some degree of seriousness.





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