Steve Kerr Drops Major Steph Curry-Michael Jordan Comparison

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has achieved success both as a teammate of Michael Jordan and as a head coach of Steph Curry. Recently, Kerr contrasted the two icons in an interview with Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area.

“I see their similarities, and I see their differences,” remarked Kerr. “Work ethic is where the similarities are greatest. Like Steph, Michael gave every year’s worth of effort to improve himself, always looking for new methods to do so.”

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Kerr went on to say, “It’s the focus and the competitive desire,” in response to a specific question. People are unaware of Steph’s fierce competition. They were aware of Michael’s competitiveness. Steph is a killer, but people don’t realize how competitive he is because they only see him joking and grinning. Although Michael and He are both ruthless murders, they are not the same person.

Although Kerr has previously discussed the similarities between Jordan and Curry, it’s always fascinating to hear his opinions because he was so close to both players during their primes. The fact that both Curry and Jordan maintained their elite status much into their careers is another amazing thing about them. When Curry’s name starts to appear on these elite “35 and older” all-time lists, LeBron James and Michael Jordan are nearly invariably at the top of the lists.





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