Watch: Draymond Green gets away with yelling at officials for 40 seconds

In an exciting game on Friday night, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 141-139. Steph Curry appeared to seal the victory with a layup, but officials flagged Draymond Green for basketball interference, forcing the game to be reviewed.

The play was reviewed and overturned after a protest, giving the Warriors the victory.

“It was unambiguous and convincing proof that Draymond doesn’t touch the ball. During the postgame pool report, crew chief Mitchell Ervin stated, “A basketball violation does not occur on the play because, despite Draymond touching the rim, he does not touch the ball or cause the ball to take an unnatural bounce.”

Although the eventual decision was correct, it wasn’t Green’s first contentious moment of the evening.

Green lost his temper with just 38 seconds left in the fourth quarter, with the Thunder holding a one-point lead. He started ranting at an official and frantically swinging his arms. The rant lasted for over forty seconds.

Amazingly, Green escaped a technical foul as well as a game delay.

“I have no idea why he is acting so furious. “It’s unbelievable what he gets away with,” the play-by-play announcer exclaimed.

In such scenario, any other player in the league gets T’d up right away. That would be it as soon as they started flailing their arms in front of the referee’s face. If that went on, they would probably be kicked out.

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Rather, Green avoided any trouble after that exchange and proceeded to assist his team in winning by two points, albeit not before stirring up a bit more controversy.

Ervin was questioned about Green after the game, but not about the interaction shown above or the reason the Warriors forward did not receive a technical foul.





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