Steph Curry Drops Surprising Answer About Lakers

In response to a question about which club he saw as the Western Conference Wild Card, Steph Curry, star of the Golden State Warriors, mentioned the Lakers. The NBA’s inaugural play-in tournament is quickly approaching. This does not imply that Curry was picking Los Angeles to defeat Golden State in the play-in round; rather, it means that Curry was selecting them as the Western Conference’s Wild Card.

The team that ends with the best record in group play among the teams that did not win their group will be the Wild Card squad for each conference. Curry believes that the Lakers are this.

Both supporters and detractors of the Lakers have been taken aback by this response. The believers, of course, believe Los Angeles will advance out of their group without requiring a Wild Card slot. Naturally, the doubters believe the Lakers won’t go past group play at all.

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It’s difficult to anticipate what will happen because no one has ever participated in the play-in tournament, but it should be a nice departure from the regular season games. The anticipation of witnessing the NBA’s novel concept in action is almost gone, as the tournament draws near.

Steph Curry of the Warriors is fond of the Lakers as a Wild Card team for the time being.





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