Stephen A. Smith clowns Dillon Brooks after Steph Curry destroys him

Superstar Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors went viral on Sunday with a deft skill demonstration in which he put Dillon Brooks on skates in preparation for a three-point shot.

In a September September episode of ESPN’s “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith offered his analysis of how Curry dismantled the vocal Houston Rockets forward who had declared himself the world’s best defender (h/t: Yahoo).

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“You talk about making someone look completely silly and foolish,” Smith said. “Usually, those kinds of reactions are for when you get dunked on. This is off a three. Damn, a crossover, a fake, jump all over the place, swinging the legs…He kicked his legs higher than I did on my first pitch.”  

In the NBA, Brooks has taken on a villainous role. His aggressive play on the court and outspoken personality haven’t won him over the hearts of many NBA fans. Part of the reason for the viral response to his nightmare time guarding Curry is the fans’ dislike for the veteran Rocket. Brooks has made it simple to support the opposition.

Fans are reveling in Curry’s greatness just as much as they are relishing Brooks’s hardships. The sharpshooter for the Golden State Warriors is 35 years old. Even at this late point in his career, he’s one of the finest guards in the world and constantly produces highlights.

Curry has embarrassed other players before, and Brooks is not the first. Still, he could be the most well-known.

Everyone seems to be pulling against Brooks outside of Houston. Every action he takes is scrutinized closely. He exacerbates his own situation. Not because Brooks is a poor player; on the contrary, he’s a reliable rotating forward with tremendous potential. It’s his approach to things that has led to his villainous portrayal.

Curry did not raise Brooks to be conceited or cruel. He simply did what he normally does, which is to show off his excellence to the world. Who will be the next player to be taken dancing by the Warriors star is the question. Since it’s just a matter of time till he makes someone else look bad.





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