Chris Paul reflects on not starting for the first time in his career

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Chris Paul made his career-long bench debut on Sunday night, and the Warriors appear to have found a winning formula. When Paul was traded to Golden State, a team that already had Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in its backcourt, there was a chance that he would be moved to a backup role. However, Paul immediately made an impact as a starter after joining the league with New Orleans in 2005. With Draymond Green sidelined for the first two games of the season, Paul assumed a new role on Sunday when Green made a comeback.

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After the game, Paul informed reporters, “It works.” “It expands our lineup.” Probably because I’ve never played on a team with this much depth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played on some truly outstanding teams. However, that’s not always the place to say, “All these guys can start.” And that, in my opinion, was the league’s greatest starting five last season.

Steve Kerr tried to get control of the situation almost away because the Warriors were coming off a season marred by players dissatisfied with their minutes and role adjustments, according to Slater. He convened a meeting with Paul, Green, Curry, Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Kevon Looney before training camp to discuss potential solutions.

Kerr seemed comfortable with Paul leading the second unit despite the choice to let matchups dictate starting places, and it appears that this setup will stand as long as players stay healthy. Green is ecstatic about the advantage the club now has.

It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to replacing Steph Curry with Chris Paul, he remarked. “Chris Paul is the next point guard, and you’re pulling away your starting point guard? That is amazing. That is a year-round advantage for us.

From the Pacific Division, here is more:

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Lakers coach Darvin Ham stated that following Sunday’s defeat in Sacramento, he needed to “tighten up” his rotation. Ham has been juggling the acclimatization of Gabe Vincent, who was absent for a significant portion of the preseason due to lower back discomfort, with the loss of Jarred Vanderbilt, who is out with bursitis in his left heel. “We need to really look into my rotation,” Ham remarked. “Really look closely; the guys are in time.” We have a fantastic group of players. I also participated in this league. It counts when you know who you’re playing with and when you’re going in. So let’s get started with our rotation, buckle up.

According to McMenamin, Ham’s projected reduction in LeBron James’ playing time hasn’t continued past the first game of the season. In the match on Sunday, the first of a back-to-back, James played 39 minutes. Naturally, Ham remarked, “I don’t want to run Bron into the ground.” “I want to avoid running Anthony Davis into the ground too soon. You want to leave them out there because, obviously, they’re playing at a high level and the game went into overtime tonight.

Marcus Morris of the Clippers missed his third straight game on Sunday, citing a “coach’s decision,” according to Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times on Twitter. Morris is “very involved, and he’s been great, especially with our young guys,” according to coach Tyronn Lue.





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