Klay Thompson Breaks Silence on Stalled Contract Talks With Warriors

Although the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson’s contract negotiations have been reported to be at a standstill, neither team has made many public comments. During the Friday morning shootaround in Sacramento, Thompson broke his silence over the circumstances and spoke with media.

When asked if negotiations between him and the Warriors are on the table now that the season is underway, Thompson responded, “I don’t know, I mean yeah I’m just focused on on the daily dedication it takes to do this job.” “At this point, I’m not too concerned about an extension. That will come to pass.”

Thompson responded, “I just don’t wanna think about it,” when asked if the beginning of the season was an artificial deadline for him. It bothers me to think about it. Yes, it bothers me to think about it.”

Recognizing that nothing is certain after this season, Thompson expressed his intention to cherish this one even more while highlighting his role as a key contributor to the Warriors’ reputation for success.

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The good news for everyone involved is that Thompson and the Warriors have a shared interest in closing a deal. Both parties would desire to continue this cooperation for the duration of Thompson’s career, even though their differences in years and money do not change.

Though such discussions are currently on hold, Thompson is not concerned.





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