How Steph Curry impacted Myers, Warriors’ front office decisions 

It is a well-known fact that NBA players have a significant impact on roster decisions, but to what extent does that translate?

In an ESPN episode, former Warriors general manager Bob Myers disclosed that he would confer with Steph Curry prior to implementing any significant measures concerning another elite player, in relation to James Harden’s continuing public spat with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“If I were Steph Curry or Joel Embiid, I would approach them and ask, ‘What do you want?’” stated Myers. “What am I doing if that person says, ‘I want him on the team,’? That’s my current activity.”

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Myers went on to say that his top goal was to ensure that Curry was pleased, which meant that he needed to have the superstar point guard’s consent before making any big squad changes.

The former executive with the Warriors also gave a very specific example of one of these conversations with Curry, concentrating on his veteran teammate Draymond Green.

“Steph Curry’s importance is the top of this building; mine was this,” Myers said. When I approached him, I would say, ‘Listen, what do you want?’ It makes no difference if he’s unhappy. The discussion is over at that point. Draymond Green claimed that I consistently made mistakes. I would go ask Draymond what went wrong. Why did you say, “I’ve experienced this stuff?”

‘Steph, what do you want to do?’ I would then phone Curry. “We’re better with Draymond,” he says. No, I’m not drawing comparisons between Draymond and what Harden is doing at the moment, but Draymond has also made errors.”

Although Myers did not state precisely when that particular chat took place, Green’s time with the Dubs was not without controversy.

The Warriors are a powerful team anytime Green is on the court, as Curry pointed out to Myers. The front staff seemed to recognize this after inking the star forward to a four-year, $100 million contract this offseason.






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