NBA Admits Missed Call in Warriors vs. Suns Game

There was just one missed call in the final two minutes of the Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns opening night game, according to the NBA’s most recent two-minute report. With 1:47 left in the game, the NBA claims that the officials failed to call a defensive three-second violation. Even though the Suns ended up winning, the league nevertheless included information about this missed call in its final two-minute report.

The reason why last-minute reports are so contentious is because, although they provide a certain kind of accountability for the league and its officials, it can be annoying to know that there is nothing that can be done to make up for missed calls. However, this one missed call had no significant effect on opening night.

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In the season opener, Golden State overcame an early deficit to defeat the Suns in a close game. In the end, Phoenix played better in the closing minutes of a game that was decided. The Warriors intend to get better at this as the season goes on since different players can have the chance to win games on any given night.

After losing their season opener, the Warriors will try to recover this Friday when they play the Sacramento Kings in game two.






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