Steph Curry Had This To Say About First Game With Chris Paul

The season began with the Golden State Warriors losing to the Phoenix Suns, and Chris Paul and Steph Curry played in their first regular season game together. Following the match, Curry discussed his relationship with Paul.

“Just keep becoming more at ease, and take initiative to set up where shots will fall or originate. Depending on who has the ball, we can run sets.” Right now, it’s really amorphous “explained Curry. “It’s such a smooth transition because we both just know how to play, and there’s a lot of trust that whoever has the ball is going to try and make the right decisions.”

“We’re one game, a couple of preseason games under our belt, feeling like there’s been a lot of confidence that’s been building in terms of what we’re trying to do,” Curry said. “It goes without saying that we will improve further—81 more points—and when Draymond returns, there will be even more to work out in terms of rotations and other details. Our communication is excellent. We try to sort it out and talk basketball. That will put us in a favorable situation.

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Curry and Paul, two players with extremely high IQs, should have no trouble learning how to play together, and every game presents an opportunity for them to get better together.





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