Steph Curry’s Status vs. Kings Revealed

Anthony Slater of The Athletic made the announcement that Steph Curry will not play for the Golden State Warriors against the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night. Chris Paul, who is also sitting out this game, will be sitting next to Curry on the bench.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has previously stated that Golden State’s veterans would probably miss at least one preseason game, as Slater noted in his report. Curry and Paul need as many reps together as possible, so it makes sense for the Warriors to rest them during the same game.

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To maximize lineup efficiency, there will undoubtedly be periods of time when Curry and Paul’s minutes are staggered. However, the two have played together a lot in the preseason, with Paul starting with Curry. As of right now, things with Curry and Paul starting together have gone well. However, it’s unknown if this will alter once Draymond Green returns from injury.

Though they still have a lot to learn before the regular season begins, the Warriors’ training camp has been fruitful thus far. The Warriors are starting this season with a sense of urgency because they know they don’t have many more chances to win a championship with this core. They want to win another one.





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