Steph Curry Defends Klay Thompson Following Warriors-Suns Game

The Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns played their opening game of the 2023–24 regular season on Tuesday night.

The Warriors won the third quarter by a score of 21 points, although the Suns led by 15 points at the half.

Despite this, they were defeated by the Suns 108-104.

Throughout the game, the Warriors’ poor three-point shooting (10/43) was a major contributing factor to their problems.

Klay Thompson had a difficult night offensively despite playing strong defense; in 36 minutes, he scored 15 points on 6/18 shooting from the field and 3/11 from three-point range.

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Steph Curry met with the media following the game and gave positive remarks about his teammate.

Curry: “I’m aware that everyone will discuss our shooting % and attempt to focus on him specifically and other related issues. It is inevitable. We trust Klay so very much.”

In just 31 minutes, Curry, who finished with 27 points, shot only 8/20 from the field and 4/14 from three.

Despite this, the Suns shot poorly (11/33 from three-point range) and Kevin Durant, a 13-time NBA All-Star, only shot 7/22 while scoring 18 points.

The Sacramento Kings will be the opponents of the Warriors’ upcoming away game on Friday.

The Suns will travel to Los Angeles, California, on Thursday night to play the Los Angeles Lakers, who are led by LeBron James.

In six games, both teams were eliminated from the 2023 NBA playoffs in the second round.





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