Former Warriors player Jordan Poole talks ‘frustrations’ with former team

Following a trade that occurred just one year after agreeing to a four-year, $128 million deal extension and one offseason after the most talked-about incident involving a club in recent memory, Jordan Poole is getting ready for his first season with the Washington Wizards. Golden State Warriors fans were watching the squad closely all season after Draymond Green punched Poole during a team practice.

While many of those issues remain unanswered, former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala recently spoke about Poole and his discontentment with the team on JJ Redick’s “Old Man and the Three” podcast.

“It was a hindrance to Jordan Poole. Jordan was like, ‘Why can’t I go out and be free like them?’  Yeah, he doesn’t have four rings; he has one. But he won us a game in the finals. He did do that; game five. And so he’s coming back like, ‘no, I’ve shown y’all that, give me some freedom. And I’m second on the team in scoring. So, why should I be the guy that has to dial back?’
…He’s my brother, he knows this, I love him to death…It looked like it could have been a rebel in there. Like, nah man, I’m second on the team in scoring … when we first got into the league, if you was a bucket, you got to take off on the other end.”

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Redick and Iguodala’s exchange is intriguing because both players had praised Poole for his talent. But given this, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see the 24-year-old guard emerge this season with the Wizards and make a statement, especially if he’s allowed a lot of latitude on the offensive end.





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