Warriors reveal contract extension update for Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors has not yet agreed to a contract extension, but it is untrue to say that he and the Warriors have not even spoken about doing so. NBA analyst Ramona Shelburne recently stated on the The Lowe Post podcast that Thompson and the Warriors have begun communication.

According to what I understand, they have begun contract extension discussions with Klay Thompson, Shelburne said. “The procedure is going slowly. They’ve started discussing, contrary to the notion that he has been eligible for a long and they haven’t taken any action. They have traded propositions. These conversations are not rushed. Both options are available.

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Shelburne stated that Thompson and the Warriors had exchanged proposals, but she also stated that neither party is in a hurry. This makes sense because Thompson might utilize this season to increase his pay day and the Warriors need to know where they’re going to be financially.

Thompson does not need to convince the Warriors of his value because he has played a key role in Golden State’s dynasty, but a successful season would undoubtedly be beneficial to him. Shelburne made reference to the fact that some of Thompson’s performance issues from the previous season, particularly in the playoffs, may have discouraged some teams from paying him a sizable contract over an extended period of time.

As of now, it appears that Thompson and the Warriors are both interested in extending their working relationship through this season, but neither party is pressing to sign a contract.





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