Young Warriors Player Makes Strong Steph Curry Statement

In a recent interview with 947 Joburg, Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga referred to his star teammate Steph Curry as “the perfect human being.”

Basketball isn’t the only issue. Steph Curry is practically a flawless human being, according to Kuminga. He is flawless in every way. Regarding Steph, you are at a loss for words. He behaves the same manner on the field and during practice as he does at home. He talks to everyone and avoids any conflicts. He’s going to strike up a dialogue. He will find you and come talk to you even if you don’t want him to. That is the aspect that is hidden from view. I’ve never met a better person than him.

Additionally, Kuminga discussed what it’s like to witness Curry’s children and how they serve as examples of who he is.

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“Watching everything of his off-court actions with his family, especially his little son running around and playing in the locker room. Every member of his family can be seen beaming with happiness, and it all stems from the master of the home, Kuminga continued.

Kuminga, who undoubtedly has the utmost respect for his famous teammate, used strong language in his remarks. Curry’s teammates frequently express this sentiment, as they all have nothing but positive things to say about the 2022 Finals MVP.





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