LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul takes a petty jab at Stephen Curry

Rich Paul, CEO of Klutch Sports, discussed the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2020 bubble championship and the myths around it on a recent episode of Gil’s Arena. Paul presented several compelling arguments about why the victory should not be discounted, but he also made a subtle swipe at Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, asking, “If Steph wins in the bubble, do they invalidate it? Absolutely not.

Although Paul made no more mention of that particular allusion to Curry, a remark like this shows that the Warriors star is not frequently given the same bad press as LeBron James. While this might be the case with some analysts and media sources, it’s not generally the case.

Like any all-time great, Steph Curry frequently has his accomplishments criticized. Curry has had several of his successes discounted by the national media, whether it was the Finals MVP narrative that was held against him until 2022 or the way his titles with Kevin Durant were discussed. As with any narrative, this hasn’t been universally accepted, but it has unquestionably endured to a substantial degree.

If Curry and the Warriors had won, there would be people on both sides of the argument, just as there are some who question James’ title in the bubble and others who believe it to be the hardest ring ever earned.






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