Austin Reaves Takes Jab at Klay Thompson

Although many NBA players take pleasure in their golf skills, none can compete with Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Curry has been showing off his golf prowess all summer long, and he never fails to leave an impression. Curry may not have received the support he need while competing recently in a competition alongside his teammate Klay Thompson against Kansas City Chiefs studs Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

When questioned about the possibility of competing against Curry on the golf course, Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves made a humorous swipe at Thompson in a recent interview with Dan Woike of the LA Times.

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Reaves was asked if he had requested Steve Kerr to arrange a golf match between Curry and responded, “No, we talked about me just playing in the Tahoe event.” “I told him not to take it personally; I actually like Klay and love his game,” he replied. The battle with (Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce) might have utilized a little more assistance, though, for Steph. And that I knew a guy who might be able to help.”

Reaves made a playful jab, joking that he would have offered Curry a little bit more assistance than Thompson did. Curry cannot be challenged by NBA players on the golf course, but Reaves thinks they would form a terrific team.





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