Stephen Curry reveals what age he will possibly retire

Warriors star Stephen Curry said that he may end up “somewhere in that range” when questioned on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast last week about how long he’ll play in the NBA and whether he views himself replicating LeBron James’ longevity. Curry, who is 35 years old, is entering his 15th season, while James, who becomes 39 in December, is starting his 21st.

Curry told Jordan Elliott of NBC Sports Bay Area, “I never saw myself as the 40-plus guy trying to hold on for dear life. Who knows how my body will feel or appear at that time, though? I still have three years remaining on my contract, so I’ll work it out after that.

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Curry anticipates playing for the Warriors for the rest of his career, regardless of how many seasons he actually ends up playing.

“I am blessed to know and hope that, no matter how many years I do play, [I’ll be] playing for one franchise and being a part of that group of the legends who have accomplished that feat and won at the highest level and all that,” he said. “Neither do I ever take that for granted. You’ve had players like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki, and Tim Duncan who helped create a culture, won, and did so while playing on a variety of rosters and at various points in their careers.





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