Damian Lillard reacts to viral Steph Curry workout video

A video of Steph Curry lifting extremely heavy weights in the gym just went viral. He is the star of the Golden State Warriors. Curry was also playing Damian Lillard’s song “The Way It Goes” off his album Don D.O.L.L.A. Lillard gave his response to Curry thumping his song after seeing the video:

Curry and Lillard have a tremendous deal of respect for one another since they have engaged in some epic duels throughout the years. Even though Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers typically lose against Curry and the Warriors in these games, there have still been some outstanding one-on-one matches between the two greatest point guards in history.

Although Curry is undoubtedly superior to Lillard right now and throughout history, the two players’ styles of play do share certain similarities. Curry and Lillard aren’t hesitant to take and make very far threes since they both have seemingly endless range. Curry and Lillard are both skilled near the basket and exceptional finishers, which makes it easier for them and their teammates to get on the offensive.

This summer, it’s likely that Lillard will leave the Western Conference as he makes plans to join the Miami Heat. It’s conceivable that the Trail Blazers will send Lillard somewhere even if they don’t respect his want to sign with Miami because it’s long past due for the two sides to split ways.





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