Klay Thompson Wants to Be Like Thanos

After running into Thanos in China while on a promotional tour for the sportswear company Anta, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson was reminded of his goal for the next NBA season.

When Thompson saw the statue of the Marvel superhero, he playfully inquired, “Who let Thanos in here,” drawing laughter from the small group around him.

While counting Thanos’ infinity stones, Thompson swiftly added, “I’m hoping to earn five rings like him.

To win their fifth title in eight years, Thompson and the Warriors have added new players this offseason.

Chris Paul, a 12-time All-Star guard, was acquired in exchange for Jordan Poole, and he will likely fill in the holes, particularly when Stephen Curry isn’t playing.

The 33-year-old Thompson thinks the window for a championship has been extended.

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On August 10, Thompson stated, “I know Andrew, Steph, Dray, CP, and the rest of the guys are hungry,” on Podcast P with Paul George. We’re all on the same page as we try to organize some mini-camps before the season in our group chat right now.

“Like look, we got another ring in us, and we expect to do it if we stay the course,” Thompson continued. The worst thing about last year was that it left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. Now that I’m ravenous, I want to return to that mountaintop more than ever.

Four is fine, but why not obtain more or at least try for more? That way, I can leave this game knowing that I gave it everything I had.





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