Klay Thompson Gets Honest About Warriors’ Failures

There is no getting around the fact that the Golden State Warriors were a very disappointing team the whole season. They had the worst championship team road record in NBA history, barely made it out of the first round, and lost in the second. Klay Thompson had been quiet about the failures, but he now made a lot of noise.

The most recent episode of Podcast P included Thompson as a guest, and he spoke extensively about the Warriors’ difficulties in 2022–23.

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“It was tumultuous at times,” Klay said. It’s hard going back-to-back man its’ a whole different beast and I didn’t have the greatest start to the year. We had a bumpy road, injuries plagued us a little bit but I’m still proud of the way we fought. We beat a tough Sacramento team, that was crazy last year!… They was loud, I haven’t seen it that loud since Cleveland days, in 2016 in the finals…That Lakers series was tough, I didn’t shoot the ball as well as I wanted to but you know ti’s tough when Anthony Davis is down there at the rim…He just affects so many shots and LeBron is still doing his thing. I give the Lakers credit they played very well.”

If anything, the Warriors’ setbacks during the previous season have only served to fuel their motivation for the following one. Klay claims that the squad is already attempting to organize mini-camps ahead of the start of the season via a group chat. This would be the ideal way to begin the season in excellent form.

“But I know Andrew, Steph, Dray, CP, and the rest of the guys are hungry, we’re in our group chat right now trying to set up some mini-camps before the season but we’re all on the same page,” Klay said. “Like look, we got another ring in us and we expect to do it if we stay the course….So last year left a bad taste in my mouth but that’s not the worst thing, now I”m hungrier than ever and I want to get back to that mountain top. 4 is cool, but why not get as many as you can get or at least attempt.”

The Warriors need to start the year strong, just as they did during their championship season, if there is one thing they must do in order to succeed next year.





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