Here’s the FIRST look At Stephen Curry in NBA 2K24

When talk about NBA 2K starts to spread, you can tell that basketball season is getting close.

New pictures of several NBA stars, including one from the Golden State Warriors, were unveiled by the popular game on Tuesday.

NBA 2K posted the first image of Stephen Curry wearing his personal white and blue Golden State No. 30 jersey on Twitter. The ranking of the two-time Most Valuable Player is still up in the air.

via Twitter’s @NBA2K

The photos of Curry below show him in 2K10, his initial appearance in the game, and in 2K24, his most recent appearance.

via X, @SplashBrosMuse

Kevin Durant, a former Warrior who is now a forward for the Phoenix Suns, was also featured on NBA 2K.

Early September is usually when NBA 2K is released. A precise release date has not yet been made public.





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