Steph Curry Shares Harsh Truth for Warriors Teammates

The Golden State Warriors’ lack of cohesion in the previous campaign has been well-documented. Golden State simply lacked the connection that their championship teams had last season, starting with the Draymond Green punch.

Although Green’s punch unquestionably had a significant effect, other players on the team occasionally lacked buy-in. Curry recently revealed a hard fact for his teammates in an exclusive conversation with Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, hoping to prevent anything of the type from happening next season.

“The biggest thing is,” Curry said, “look at teams that have won. You realize that there is a certain way about how you show up on a nightly basis. Everybody is important. Everybody is valuable. It’s not going to look pretty for the majority of the year for some guys. Some are going to be in and out of the rotation. Guys are going to be asked to do things that may not all the way vibe with how they see themselves.

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You’ve got your core that’s got to figure out how to stay at a certain level. All those things are about winning. We had a lot of narratives around the team that have been a little bit distracting to that. But that’s all it is. It’s not about anything other than winning.”

Curry is urging his teammates to support him next season because he knows what it takes to win it all.





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