WATCH: Steph Curry’s Rap Music Video Appearance Goes Viral

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors tweeted the music video for Tobe Nwigwe’s new song, “Lil Fish, Big Pond,” on Wednesday morning. aboard the video, the point guard can be seen aboard a boat while rapping the following lyrics:

“My, how things have changed,” you say. They understand I’m the one. I am my father’s son, and Daddy taught me how to flick my wrist. Think I’m carrying a pistol because of the way it ratchets up on me. When I’m finished, they should place the basket into the coffin.

Curry makes an appearance in the film, which has gone popular on YouTube and Twitter. Curry tweeted, “The official music video for ‘Lil Fish, Big Pond’ from the one and only Tobe Nwigwe and me is out now.

Curry has been actively promoting his new “Underrated” documentary by regularly appearing on various news programs, podcasts, and other platforms. These appearances have assisted the Warriors star in spreading the word about his movie.

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Curry has done a terrific job gaining traction for his project by using his Tweet about this music video participation to also promote it.

Curry, a guy of many skills, has had a busy summer. Curry is now in a rap video after winning a golf tournament and releasing his documentary.





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