Warriors Owner Gives Honest Answer on Chris Paul’s Role

Everyone has had the same major question since Chris Paul joined the Golden State Warriors. Chris Paul will either start or come off the bench. In a recent interview, Warriors owner Joe Lacob addressed the issue.

Lacob had an open response regarding Paul’s position on the team when he spoke with Madeline Kenney of the Bay Area New Group.

In response to Madeline Kenney, Lacob responded, “That’s up to the coaches.” “I’m certain they’re discussing it, but who knows? He could start, he could stop.The idea is to showcase a lot of talent and see what transpires. Whoever wins the game at the end is what really matters.

It’s intriguing to learn that Joe Lacob wouldn’t completely confirm whether Paul will start or not. That very certainly means that the Golden State Warriors will try using Chris Paul as a sixth man by having him finish games rather than start them. It will be a completely different experience for NBA fans to see Chris Paul coming off the bench.

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New conflicts will inevitably arise as a result of the new experiences and changes, and if the Warriors struggle with Paul coming off the bench, that conflict will probably be a new one as well.

Warriors fans should anticipate Chris Paul to occasionally share the court with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson despite Lacob’s ambiguous response. This team will undoubtedly test every possible Chris Paul lineup on the court.





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