Stephen Curry tells honest feelings on Kevin Durant leaving Warriors

Steph Curry, a player with the Golden State Warriors, opened up on the most recent episode of the “Real Ones” podcast about Kevin Durant departing for the Brooklyn Nets in 2019:

“I never really had any hurt to begin with,” Curry said. “I knew as a man, as an athlete, he didn’t owe me anything, he doesn’t owe our franchise anything. It was a situation where he left, it was his own decision. I made sure I was open and available about how I felt about him as a person, as a player, how confident I was we would be able to win for a long time…  I fully respect him as a person and had so much appreciation for what we were able to accomplish. I didn’t really have any resentment on that front.”

Curry commented about facing Durant since the star forward left Golden State and the various perspectives on the two players.

“In terms of the last four years, since we’ve played, there’s competition, the different narratives that come up in terms of the success we’ve had, him trying to find another championship. You don’t really get to play into it as much, because you have your own things to worry about in the sense of leading your own team and making sure you’re giving everything you’ve got, and not getting distracted with all the bulls-it that goes around our league in terms of narratives that pop up.”





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