Steph Curry Reveals Truth About Near Kevin Durant Reunion

The possibility of Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors again briefly surfaced during the offseason of the previous year. Despite Steph Curry’s hints, Durant eventually signed with the Phoenix Suns. Curry has since revealed how likely those possibilities actually were.

Curry discussed the little-known facts surrounding Durant rejoining the Warriors in an appearance for The Ringer’s “Real Ones” podcast.

“I believe there was excitement or a sense of wonderment about whether this was actually a real possibility.” Curry uttered. And to be honest, I had only spoken to him a couple of times about it precisely; nevertheless, because he wasn’t involved in the decision-making process, he wasn’t in a position to say, “I want to do X, Y, and Z.

Although Kevin Durant and Steph Curry showed interest in one another, it doesn’t appear that things progressed much farther after that. Although Durant was unwilling to be coerced into joining the Warriors or anything similar, he was undoubtedly interested in going back.

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“And it just made sense in light of what I just said. In that case, of course I’d love to play alongside him because we both know how to play basketball and how well our games mesh, Curry added. But it never really progressed beyond that. So once more, he wasn’t really in a position where he could demand the trade but really have no control over how it turned out. So after the initial shock of realizing that he wants out, I didn’t really spend much time thinking about it.

Observing Kevin Durant reunite with Steph Curry on the Golden State Warriors would have been quite interesting. Although the Warriors would have been heavy favorites to win the title, it’s good to see Steph Curry finally get the recognition he so well deserves now that he isn’t paired with Durant.





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