Draymond Green’s ‘non-relationship’ with young players is a problem

According to Monte Poole, the Warriors are worried that Green, who is supposedly a team leader, doesn’t know potential teammate Jonathan Kuminga. Kuminga was selected by Golden State with the No. 7 overall choice in 2021, and in each of his first two seasons, he has displayed signs of being a star.

Kuminga dropped out of the playoff rotation despite having started 16 games and played about 21 minutes per game on average during the regular season.

Green said to George, “I don’t know him, but I’m trying to lead him.” “Coach Tom Izzo at Michigan State taught me that when I was a freshman. How can you lead someone if you don’t know them, Draymond?

There was talk that Kuminga would ask for a trade due to his connection with Green and the absence of postseason activity. The Warriors have not shopped him, nor has that occurred. Poole, who is unrelated to Jordan, claims that Green’s actions have turned the place into a toxic environment for young athletes.

After punching Jordan Poole, Green wasn’t given a suspension, and this summer, the Warriors waived both of their 2022 lottery picks, Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins.

Chris Paul’s presence might be advantageous, especially if he’s preparing Kuminga while interacting with the second unit. The Warriors, though, have four important players above the age of 33, so Green needs to work more to connect with his younger teammates. To get it through the season, they’ll need Kuminga and Moses Moody’s immature legs.

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Green “punctured the culture” last year, but could he grow and form relationships? The Warriors might be content with him refraining from striking anyone, but that remains to be seen.





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