Steph Curry Reacts to Losing Key Player in Free Agency

Even though Donte DiVincenzo spent a lengthy time away from the Golden State Warriors, he left a lasting impression on his colleagues, particularly Steph Curry.

Curry responded to the Warriors losing DiVincenzo in a press conference before the American Century Championship golf tournament.

Curry remarked, “He’s all about basketball, all about winning. He infuses the locker room with a lot of vitality. Even though he’s still young, I used to refer to him as the vet because of the way he approaches life. He performs far above his years. He is skilled on both sides of the ball, and most people probably don’t realize how well he can play-make. He therefore fills many gaps on a squad.

Steph Curry is aware that Donte DiVincenzo is a solid player for the New York Knicks. He had some trouble adjusting to the guard-heavy Warriors team, but he still managed to have an impact on the game. Curry will always support DiVincenzo, despite the fact that his time with the Warriors was only for one season.

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I am aware that he was striving to establish his identity as an NBA player and the value he adds to successful teams after recovering from an injury. And he showed us that over the entire year,” Curry remarked. He is skilled at playing the game. It’s obvious. He had the most success in college. The Knicks also secured a strong one.

The Warriors’ backup guard rotation right now is radically different. They lost DiVincenzo and Jordan Poole, but they added Chris Paul, a huge X-factor.





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